Apply for the Building Capacity for Coaching Initiative

The Building Capacity for Coaching Initiative leverages coaching supports from Penn State Better Kid Care (BKC) and other professional growth activities in order to develop internal coaches in STAR 3 and STAR 4 facilities.

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Selected applicants for the Initiative will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of early childhood practices and must have the approval of their administrator or director.


  • Selected coaches will receive a one-time stipend of $2,500;

  • participating teachers will receive supports and coaching on areas of practice that can strengthen or improve child experiences in their classroom;

  • the program will have developed the internal capacity to offer coaching to other staff in the future to ensure continuous quality improvement;

  • selected coaches will receive exceptional professional development opportunities at no cost as well as access to the Learning Community; and

  • participants will have provided valuable insight as OCDEL works to learn more about what is needed in terms of coaching supports for early educators.


  • STAR 3 and 4 programs identify a coach (lead teacher, director, assistant director or another instructional leader)*

  • Coach attends a one day in person coach training:

    • October 21 at PaTTAN East in Malvern

    • October 23 at PaTTAN Harrisburg

    • October 24 at PaTTAN Pittsburgh

  • Coach completes two free BKC online modules:

    • Coaching and Mentoring: Supporting Staff (two hours)

    • Coaching Conversations: Support Quality Practice on Coaching (three hours)

  • Two teachers, identified by the coach, complete four free modules

    • Module to be completed in advance of the process:

      • Coaching from the Teacher’s Lens: Preparing and Finding Teacher Voice

    • Up to three additional online modules may be completed during the coaching process in support of the coaching goals. Suggested modules are provided in the coaching guides.

  • Coach – staff teams select one coaching guide as a framework for coaching.

    • Based on observations and collaborative discussions during the early period of coaching, teams select a general best practice area to focus on, either:

      • Click. Coach. Connect. Positive Guidance or

      • Click. Coach. Connect. Cultural Awareness

  • Coaches observe and then facilitate bi-weekly coaching sessions with selected teachers and complete coaching log (approximately 15 minutes each time). Coaching logs will inform BKC Coaching Partners as they develop monthly webinars.

  • Coaches will continue to refine their capacity for coaching through:

    • Participation in monthly learning community webinars (approximately six)

    • Two touchpoints/month (ex. Individual calls, virtual office hours) with their BKC Coaching Partner to discuss:

      • Challenges

      • Successes

      • Suggestions for improvement

  • Additional recommended professional development support as needed


To be considered for participation in this initiative, participants and their program director/supervisor must agree to the following:

  • Ensure that there is a shared understanding of the overall function of the coaching process.

  • Allow time for participant coaches and teachers to complete required webinars and online modules, participate in coaching sessions, time to complete coaching logs and support additional professional development needs.

  • Coaches will maintain an active role in the Better Kid Care Coaching Support group during this project (e.g., professional learning community, webinars, monthly follow up etc.)

  • Participating teachers will be informed of the expectations and agree to participate with their coach

  • Program administrator agrees to participate in a pre/post data collection

Applications for the Building Capacity for Coaching Initiative are now available and must submitted by Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Willier via e-mail at

The Building Capacity for Coaching Initiative is made possible by The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) in collaboration with The Pennsylvania Key.

*Family Child Care providers can apply if they feel they are able to support other family child care providers in their coaching efforts and commit the time necessary to complete the program.