Pennsylvania Research Opportunity to Improve ECE Services

The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education is seeking experts for a statewide research opportunity.


The research study which aims to address “how Pennsylvania should improve its early child care and education services” begins this summer.

Researchers are looking for professionals with a minimum of two years experience in their fields and expertise in Pennsylvania education policy, early intervention, and early childhood education programs to participate. Participants will take a seires of surveys online or over the phone, each taking approximately 30 minutes. A minimum of three surveys will be administered and will be issued via e-mail once per month.

Participants will be offered a $25 Amazon gift card after completing each survey, but are free to refuse this incentive.

More Info

For more information on the study, please contact:

Elizabeth Bryson, MPhil, MSc, Senior Research Coordinator


Dr. Phillip Sirinides

Principal Investigator

Research Assistant Professor

See the full details of this research study on this printable (PDF) document.